Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Very First Post!! Say WHAT?!

Ok, so last night I actually sat in the computer to start my new blog, as I was searching for names and cool/pretty fonts I was asking my husband his opinion...uhhh... well I did what I usually do. I did pick the ones I liked after hearing his ....uhh...mhhmm....yep... recommendations from that moment I knew I will do this blog for me, myself and I! Oh well so I went to bed after an hour figuring this out and couldn't  sleep well cuz I was just brainstorming about this blog and some coupons ideas for my business, yes I do have my own business, my very own kinda normal husband, my 6 yr old half geek son, and my bossy 18 months pretty lady in pink... oh and we have a 3 yr old Syberian Husky hmmm and a lot of hair around the house. Don't get me wrong I like the dog, he's cool I just don't like the hair.
 So with this blog I really want to share some daily random stuff that might interest you, as a SAHM I get to be with my babies but ya'll know that we should have a paycheck or any kind of reward at least every other month for all the hard work!!! Some party planning event will be posted check for all the Fall/Halloween/Thanskgiving party ideas coming soon. I will be posting about beauty, and easy/fast  make up routines, and cool easy stuff that you as a busy mom can still do in almost no time so you can look fancy, pretty and busy.
- Fancy <3 

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